Our team is the backbone of our operation. It is the engine that allows the rest of the parts of the machine to glide together.

The difference is in the people we choose to work with. By having employees/contractors/vendors that are great assets, it allows us provide value to our properties, communities, owners, residents, as well as prospective residents.

We look for people who are self managed, motivated, and responsible to be part of our team.

If we use you for any of our services, or employ you, we truly feel that you have a unique talent or skill set that sets you apart from the crowd.

We always like to say, if you need anything from us to do your job better, please let us know as we constantly are changing and evolving to perform our services better. If you don’t like change, we are probably not the right company to be working with.

Lastly, we love to hear suggestions from any of our team members. If you see a better way to do something than how its being done, tell someone! We know we work with smart and talented people so don’t be greedy and share some of your knowledge and experience with us!


For a new contractor, we require the following information to be completed before we start a job as well as issuing payments.

w9 Form ( )

We also require proof of insurance. Please contact management for the information to put us on as a certificate holder as it will vary by which property you are working on.


w4 Form (

i9 Form (

Each position also has a specific survey/questionnaire on your specific skill set so please complete information that is requested by the hiring manager in addition to those mentioned above.

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